The online psychic is running happily on my local machine, but I needed to get it onto this webserver.

Unfortunately the server doesn’t have pandas, numpy, etc installed.

I tried downloading virtualenv, which when untarred and run generates its own module collection. But I found its version of pip didn’t work, “shared host SystemError: Cannot compile ‘Python.h’. “.

So the next option: Anaconda? (I’ve only 1Gb of space, turns out that’s not enough).

Back to virtualenv:

Install my own version of python:

Then following the instructions here:

Combined with the help here:

(download virtualenv here: )

It still didn’t work – there’s a problem with the configuration of virtualenv’s python. It might be better to scrap virtualenv and download all the modules etc that I’ll need and compile them. The only advantage of virtualenv was that it would provide pip etc.

New python executable in venv/bin/python
ERROR: The executable venv/bin/python is not functioning
ERROR: It thinks sys.prefix is u'/home/.sites/81/site18/.users/89/mts-michael/python' (should be u'/home/.sites/81/site18/.users/89/mts-michael/venv')