I’ve started having the same problem as in this issue. I think something else has been updated which has caused the new error. As it says on the dask-ec2 readme, dask-ec2’s project is now deprecated – and so I didn’t try fixing the new bug. I tried for a while using kubernetes (kops, terraform, etc), but it’s quite a pain to set up (not well documented yet maybe) and is serious overkill for what I want (and probably what a lot of people want…). So instead…

I’ve written a replacement for dask-ec2, I’ve called daskec2lite.

It needs a little bit more work but is nearly finished. I’ll hopefully have some time later in the year to get it to a more ‘release’ state, but feel free to use it.

daskec2lite --help

usage: daskec2lite [-h] [--pathtokeyfile [PATHTOKEYFILE]]
[--keyname [KEYNAME]] [--username [USERNAME]]
[--numinstances [NUM_INSTANCES]]
[--instancetype [INSTANCE_TYPE]] [--imageid [IMAGEID]]
[--spotprice [SPOTPRICE]] [--region [REGION_NAME]]
[--wpi [WORKERS_PER_INSTANCE]] [--sgid [SGID]] [--destroy]

Create an EC2 spot-price cluster, populate with a dask scheduler and workers.
Example: daskec2lite --pathtokeyfile '/home/mike/.ssh/research.pem' --keyname
'research' --username 'mike' --imageid ami-19a58760 --sgid sg-9146afe9

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--pathtokeyfile [PATHTOKEYFILE]
path to keyfile [required]
--keyname [KEYNAME] key name to use to access instances [required]
--username [USERNAME]
user to log into remote instances as [required]
--numinstances [NUM_INSTANCES]
number of instances to start
--instancetype [INSTANCE_TYPE]
type of instance to request
--imageid [IMAGEID] AWS image to use [required]
--spotprice [SPOTPRICE]
Spot price limit ($/hour/instance)
--region [REGION_NAME]
Region to use
Workers per instance
--sgid [SGID] Security Group ID [required]
--destroy Destroy the cluster